Camp Evergreen Natatorium Project

The Natatorium Project

By far our camper’s favorite activity is swimming. The opportunity to utilize our present outdoor (34’ x 60’) ADA compliant swimming pool year-round became a goal everyone felt worth pursuing. After several years of discussion and research, the Board of Camp Evergreen has recently decided to formally kick off a capital campaign to fund and build an enclosure (Natatorium) for the pool. The estimated funds needed for this project are $1.5 million dollars. We are, therefore, hopeful that members of our community will also recognize the positive impact this project will have, not only for our current Camp Evergreen population, but also for the significant special needs population that exists within the greater-Sheboygan area.

The Need

Evidence shows that a pool provides many benefits, especially for those with disabilities. Water enables the client to move in ways that are physically not possible out of the water and provides a great sense of independence and confidence. This then enhances both physical and mental well-being, as well as inclusion in the community which is often a significant struggle for those with disabilities. For individuals with special needs, water is a great equalizer. An enclosed facility that can be utilized year-round provides a place where the population served by Camp Evergreen, and potentially others, can go and not be harshly judged by others as often found within the general community.


There currently is no other place in the greater Sheboygan area that fulfills this need. The physically and/or cognitively challenged population stand to benefit in many ways from pool activities.

The Proposal

“I feel like my kids miss out on so many typical childhood experiences due to their disabilities. Having the opportunity to swim year-round, in a facility geared directly to their needs, would be such a gift!”  ~Kelly S. (mother of six Camp Evergreen participants)

There are limited physical activities our clients can enjoy, especially in the colder months. Enclosing our outdoor pool would offer year-round access. Additionally, it will protect the clients from the harsh summer sun and heat that can lead to serious health problems for those that are sensitive to this exposure. 

Upon request, additional information can be provided to you outlining the construction and operational costs, as well as photographs and various references from our existing client base and other entities within our community that have an interest in utilizing this asset when completed.

An enclosed pool available year-round is not just a luxury, but a necessity for individuals with disabilities. It will be a great asset, not only for Camp Evergreen, but also to the greater Sheboygan area. To date $200,000 has been collected toward this project but much more is needed to achieve our goal of $1.5 million. Again, we the Board, are hopeful that you will also see the significant value of this ambitious project and support it with your contribution.



The Camp Evergreen Board of Directors

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Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of children and adults with cognitive and other disabilities, as well as the lives of their families and care-providers, by offering accessible, compassion-driven, respite care, day services, after school care and summer camp programming.

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